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Our clients

We have assisted governments and regulators, network operators, services providers, suppliers and investors in network industries in Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, the EU, the rest of Europe, Central-eastern Europe, the USA, Scandinavia and Africa.

Expertise in...

Strategy, Policy, Regulation, Economics, Finance and Technical activities in network industries.

Examples of our Clients include

  • The Government of Bermuda
  • The Regulatory Authority of Gibraltar
  • ICTA (Denmark)
  • ANACOM (Portugal)
  • The Government of the Bahamas
  • CICRA (Channel Islands)
  • The Communications Commission (Isle of Man)
  • OCECPR (Cyprus)
  • BTRC (Bangladesh)
  • Government of Kuwait
  • Ofcom (UK)
  • ComReg (Ireland)
  • SURE (Channel islands and Isle of Man)
  • Virgin Media (UK)
  • KPN (Netherlands)
  • Gibtelecom (Gibraltar)
  • TELE-POST (Greenland)
  • Vodafone (UK)
  • TalkTalk (UK)
  • BskyB (UK)
  • Verizon (UK)
  • Albtelecom (Albania)
  • Truetech technologies (UK)
  • 3i (UK)
  • Royal Mail (UK)
  • United Utilities (UK)
The clients listed reflect the experience of our team, not all projects have been undertaken in the name of GOS Consulting